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Our Team

Our team has a deep understanding of the blockchain industry, with experience dating back to 2017.
Flawiusz Czarnecki

Flawiusz Czarnecki

Faron Theo

Faron Theo

Jane Ng

Jane Ng

Rowley Tyrone

Rowley Tyrone

Technical Lead
Trusted by Gaming, DeFi, NFT, Infra Leaders and Partners on Sui.

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Our strategic partners are a component of the SUIS launchpad.

Our Roadmap

The SUIS roadmap's timeline is entirely dependent on the resources and funding we are able to allocate to the project. The roadmap is divided into quarters.
  • 2022 - Q4

    • Concept creation
    • Platform / Smart Contract definition
    • Development begins
    • SUIS Branding begins
    • White Paper
    • Pitch Deck
  • 2023 - Q1

    • SUIS Branding finalized
    • Social media launch
    • Landing page live
    • Discord opening
  • 2023 - Q2

    • Community Building
    • Partnership Across the Sui Ecosystem
    • Public Trantor Building
    • SUIS launchpad (Testnet Version)
  • 2023 - Q3

    • SUIS liquidity buy back start
    • Public Testnet Version IDO
    • Testnet Event Bug Bounty Event
    • Upgrade website, dapp
    • SUIS TGE
    • Launch IDO on SUIS launchpad
  • 2023 - Q4

    • SUIS listing on DEX/CEX
    • SUIS staking live
    • SUIS liquidity buy back start
    • SUIS LP tokens staking for IDO participation
  • 2024 - Q1

    • SUIS INO MVP launch
    • SUIS Bridge MVP launch
    • DAO governance launch
    • SUIS INO launch
    • SUIS Bridge launch